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Laser cutting for industrial and design use

  • Laser cutting
  • Metal sheet cutting
  • Metal sheet bending
  • Powder coating
  • Structural engineering

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in our workshop, the freedom of design and quick, precise production meet each other. Be it industrial or design order, our specialists help to implement a wide range of ideas as partners.

Our services

Besides laser cutting and laser marking, powder coating, sheet metal bending, sheet metal cutting and structural engineering may also be ordered. Thus, our customers can have complex processes done in one place.

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There is also a possibility to consult projects already in the design phase, in order to make the production process even more efficient and to ensure proper execution.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal cutting

Sheet metal cutting

Powder coating

Powder coating

Structural engineering

Structural engineering


Several times shortened time from idea to market for a fraction of the usual costs –

laser cutting makes it all possible for you.


With our fiber and CO2 laser equipment, we can process countless types of materials, even on large surfaces.

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Carbon steel

Carbon steel FIBER

Stainless materials

Stainless materials FIBER


Aluminium FIBER


Plexi CO2


Cardboard CO2


Wood CO2

Machine park

With our fiber laser and CO2 laser machines, maximum precision and efficiency can be achieved when machining a wide variety of materials on large surfaces. Besides this, our laser marker machine makes fast and accurate engraving possible.

With our powder coater, sheet bender and sheet metal cutter equipment we can perform all related work processes.

The finished elements and components will be assembled and built, too.

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Machine park

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