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We work with the latest Alpha CNC machines, which are known for their outstanding quality and sustainable operation. We use fiber and CO2 laser cutters because both types have their advantages under different conditions.

Fiber laser

its advantage is that it’s faster than the CO2 laser for materials of smaller thickness. It provides better quality up to 5 mm and lower cost per workpiece.

CO2 laser

t can be faster than fiber laser for materials thicker than 5 mm, while maintaining quality.

Powder coater, sheet metal bending and sheet metal cutting machine

these equipments are also suitable for machining large surfaces.

ATF-3015 Fiber laser

Fiber laser

The ATF-3015 fiber laser cutter is one of Alpha's new products designed by European designers from high quality parts. It requires more than 50% less space than similar category equipments.

Machinable materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, galvanized iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, and many other metal sheets.

Areas of use

Billboards, metal letters, LED letters, kitchen tools, machine parts, mechanical accessories for furnitures, car parts, nameplates, etc.


Machinable board size: 3000mm X 1500 mm
Type of laser: fiber laser
Laser performance: 3000 W
Position accuracy: ± 0,03 mm
Repeatability: ±0,02 mm
Weight: 3500 kg
Sizes: 2250x4200x2100mm

ATS-1325-T Co2 laser

Co2 laser

Alpha ATS-1325-T can be used on a wide range of materials. This device works with even greater precision and efficiency than the previous models.

Machinable materials

textiles, leather, bamboo, rubber, ceramics, hardwood, MDF, plexiglass, plastic, acrylic and other non-metallic materials.

Areas of use:

Fashion industry prototypes, leather industry, shoe manufacturing, decorations, furniture, advertising materials, packaging.


Machinable board size: 1300mm X 2500 mm
Type of laser: CO2 laser
Performance: 3000 W
Position accuracy: ± 0,01 mm
Maximum cutting speed: 0-24,000mm/min
Weight: 3500 kg
Sizes: 2250x4200x2100mm

Alpha AFM laser marker

Alpha AFM
laser marker

Alpha AFM's pulsating fiber system provides outstanding quality and reliability. It makes it possible to display serial numbers, barcodes, 2D data matrices and graphics on a wide variety of surfaces.

Machinable materials

carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, manganese, zinc, rare metals such as gold, silver, titanium, rubber, cardboard, plexiglass, etc.

Areas of use

electronic components, electronic equipment, mobile phones, plastic buttons, food packaging, watches, auto parts, building materials, PVC pipes, etc.


Machinable surface: 300 x 300 mm
Maximum speed: 7000 mm/másodperc
Resolution: 0.001 mm
Repeatability: 0,003 mm

Powder coate machine

Powder coate

Paintable material sizes L:7000mm H: 1300mm W: 900mm

Gecko HAP 40160 sheet metal bender machine

Gecko HAP 40160
sheet metal bender machine

Maximum bending force: 160 ton
Maximum width: 5000mm

Gecko DHGM 4006 sheet metal cutter machine

Gecko DHGM 4006
sheet metal cutter machine

Maximum width: 5000mm

Our company is the exclusive distributor of Alpha CNC machines, therefore, we work with Alpha brand tools ourselves.

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